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Consumer Electronics

Driven by gesture recognition, augmented and virtual reality, as well as 3D mapping applications, the market for 3D sensing is expanding rapidly. Our vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) leverage a n in-house vertically-integrated 6-inch GaAs platform to achieve the scale necessary for high volume applications.

3D Sensing in Biometrics

Biometric authentication through facial recognition allows secure access to data on personal electronic devices. It also allows secure entry into private spaces such as in cars, homes or offices or into administrative areas restricted to public access such as in airports, stadiums or entertainment venues.

II-VI VCSEL arrays provide infrared illumination and structured light projection to enable biometric scans.


3D Sensing in Virtual & Augmented Reality

​Virtual and augmented reality will bring 3D content into our daily experiences, such as when shopping, gaming, or reading an assembly manual. Virtual and augmented reality in consumer electronics is enabled by 3D depth sensors that can scan our environment to create 3-dimensional digital representations in real time. II-VI offers VCSELs that can be used as illumination sources for time-of-flight and structured-light depth sensing in 3D cameras.



Human-Machine Interface

Typical human-to-machine-interfaces (HMI) are currently manifested through a keyboard, mouse or touch panel. New and more intuitive ways to interact with consumer electronics are being developed. II-VI provides high quality, high performance components for new HMI designs. Our VCSELs are ideal for optical touch sensors situated on vehicle dashboards or steering wheels. VCSEL arrays provide infrared cabin illumination and structured light projection to enable gesture recognition.



Internet of Things (IoT)

The number of consumer and industrial devices connected to the internet, or the Internet of Things (IoT), is projected to increase significantly and is driving the demand for high-speed, low-cost and reliable wireless communication components. II-VI offers world-class GaAs-based RF epitaxial wafers and related semiconductor solutions to enable next generation performance in mobile communication and IoT wireless components. The capabilities of IoT devices can be greatly enhanced with an exciting array of touch, gesture or depth sensing features.