Ceramics and Composites Capabilities

​II-VI developed multiple new compositions within the reaction-bonded ceramic family.  Our well-staffed R&D group can tailor the ceramic ratios to meet critical requirements of each customer’s application. We have won several R&D awards over the years for our innovative products.

Flow-through channels – In addition to material technology, II-VI has expert process knowledge including the unique ability to create internal flow-through channels.  This is ideal for air/vacuum distribution applications, as well as thermal management control in high heat applications such as high energy lasers, semi-conductor processes, or heat-exchangers.

II-VI also manufactures metal matrix composites (MMCs) using unique, patented forming techniques. MMCs have been used for years in applications that require high stiffness and low density, essentially approaching the stiffness of steel while maintaining the density of aluminum. These materials offer high thermal conductivity and tailorable coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). Precision equipment components, thermal management base plates, mirrors, and optical housings are just a few of the applications where MMCs have been successful.

Semiconductor Equipment

II-VI supplies the semiconductor industry with advanced ceramics for critical components used in front-end process equipment, as well as various key parts used in back-end processing of integrated circuits. Our engineering and design for manufacturability capabilities are routinely used by our customers to achieve a competitive advantage. We offer a wide range of ceramic and MMC materials, which allow us to tailor CTE and thermal conductivity to satisfy the most demanding application needs.

Quality, performance and consistency of our products, combined with attention to delivery schedules are our measures used to ensure customer satisfaction.

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LCD Manufacturing Equipment

​II-VI manufactures high precision structural components for LCD capital equipment. Our materials offer superior strength/stiffness ratios, and can be manufactured in large complex shapes to tight tolerances. In addition, we offer rapid, repeatable and cost effective processes that LCD manufacturers require to meet the growing demand in consumer electronics.

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Thermal Management and Nuclear

Our ability to manufacture a wide variety of materials into complex shapes, sizes, and even 3D features enables leading edge thermal management devices that dissipate and manage heat sources in high-end electronics and related applications.  Additionally, we offer the unique ability to create flow-through channels in high-precision ceramics to achieve even greater control of heat dispersion.

II-VI supplies reaction-bonded boron carbide, aluminum-B4C metal matrix composites, and also a new, lower-cost boron carbide composite. All three of these offerings are typically less expensive than sintered boron carbide. Our ability to manufacture large, complex shapes that simply can’t be formed by traditional processes, allows our customers to design neutron absorption systems with fewer seams, creating easier installation and refurbishment processes.

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​II-VI manufactures mirrors and metering structures for various optical applications in defense, aerospace, communications, and precision industry applications. Our unique, directly polishable SiC products serve the need for light-weight, low CTE precision applications.

Additionally, our RBSC composites can be manufactured with internal flow-through channels, often critical to meeting the cooling needs of a high energy applications.

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Wear and Refractory

We serve a wide variety of wear, mining and refractory end-use applications with products ranging from small tubes to much larger ‘meter class’ products. Our advanced forming techniques combined with our reaction bonded ceramic technology to offer unique size and shape flexibility, as well as superior strength while minimizing weight.  All material offerings provide exceptional precise wear characteristics with dimensional stability.

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Armor Ceramics

II-VI manufactures reaction-bonded boron carbide composites that have been used in over one million SAPI and E-SAPI torso plates for personnel protection to meet ever-increasing demands of ballistic performance, weight, and cost. In addition, several new materials and geometric concepts are being commercialized that will radically alter the options available to armor integrators and our military personnel.

 Traditionally, ceramics have rarely been used in large armor panels for vehicle armor because of concerns with multi-hit performance. II-VI has developed products that reduce the cost of typical vehicle armor systems, with new materials that allow larger panel sizes with unique shapes.

 For Aviation Armor, II-VI has developed and manufactured one-piece ceramic seats that have been integrated into multiple helicopter platforms. This same technology can be used to make any number of custom shapes in situations where tiled designs are either too expensive, or simply don’t perform adequately.

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