Alignment Laser Modules

LD Module

With advanced optics design and packaging capability, we offer variety of laser diode module with standard collimated beam output and shaped beam output per request for OEM customers. Wavelength options include 405nm, 445nm, 488nm, 635nm, 655nm, and other wavelength upon request. These laser modules are widely adopted in generic aiming, pointing, bio-medical, machine vision, etc..

Part No.  Wavelength Output Power Power Stability Beam Divergence Dimension
LD Module
LDM-0520-C-0004-01-99-000-A 520nm 4.0mW <±5% 0.5mrad Φ4.5×9.0mm
LDM-0520-C-0004-04-99-000-A 520nm 4.2mW <±5% 0.5mrad Φ7.0×20.0mm 
LDM-0520-C-0040-04-99-000-A 520nm 40mW <±5% 0.5mrad Φ7.0×25.0mm 
LDM-0635-C-0004-04-99-000-A 635nm 4.2mW <±5% 0.5mrad Φ4.15×11.5mm 
LDM-0655-C-0004-04-99-000-A 655nm 4.2mW <±5% 0.5mrad Φ4.15×11.5mm 
LDM-0850-C-0004-04-99-000-A 850nm 4.2mW <±5% 0.5mrad Φ7.0×20.0mm 
LDM-0850-C-0040-04-99-000-A 850nm 40mW <±5% 0.5mrad Φ7.0×25.0mm 
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