Alignment Laser Modules

Fiber Coupled Laser

II-VI fiber pigtailed laser family includes Pigtailed Laser Products and Dual-Color Fiber Combiner. Both of the two kinds products have multi-wavelength choices covering the spectra band from blue to IR, including 405nm, 440nm, 515nm, 520nm, 532nm, 635nm, 660nm, 785nm, 808nm, 1064nm, and other customized wavelengths. Varied options of fibers (Single-mode, PM and Multi-mode) and customized fiber output collimators are available.

Part No.  Wavelength(Typ.) Output Power Polarization Extinction Ratio(Typ.) Fiber Type Connector Laser Head Dimensions
Polarization-Maintained Fiber Coupled Red Laser Diode 
FRPM-638-001-10-10-00-A 638nm 1mW 15dB 4.5µm/125µm/0.12 No F8x28.4mm
FRPM-638-030-10-10-00-A 638nm 30mW 15dB 4.5µm/125µm/0.12 No F8x28.4mm
FRPM-638-070-10-10-00-A 638nm 70mW 15dB 4.5µm/125µm/0.12 No F8x28.4mm
FRPM-660-030-10-10-00-A 660nm 30mW 15dB 4.5µm/125µm/0.12 No F8x28.4mm
Single-mode Fiber Coupled Red Laser Diode
FRSM-638-001-10-10-00-A 638nm 1mW / 4.0µm/125µm/0.13 No F8x28.4mm
FRSM-638-030-10-10-00-A 638nm 30mW / 4.0µm/125µm/0.13 No F8x28.4mm
FRSM-638-050-10-10-00-A 638nm 50mW / 4.0µm/125µm/0.13 No F8x28.4mm
FRSM-660-030-10-10-00-A 660nm 30mW / 4.0µm/125µm/0.13 No F8x28.4mm
Multi-Mode Fiber Coupled Red Laser Diode 
FRMM-638-350-00-90-00-A 638nm 350mW / 105µm/125µm/0.15 No F8x34.4mm
FRMM-638-400-10-10-00-A 638nm 400mW / 105µm/125µm/0.22 No F8x28.4mm
Polarization-Maintained Fiber Coupled Green DPSS Laser
FGPM-532-001-10-10-00-A 532nm 1mW 15dB 3.3µm/125µm/0.12 No Dia15*60mm
FGPM-532-010-10-10-00-A 532nm 10mW 15dB 3.3µm/125µm/0.12 No Dia15*60mm
FGPM-532-020-10-10-00-A 532nm 20mW 15dB 3.3µm/125µm/0.12 No Dia15*60mm
FGPM-532-050-10-10-00-A 532nm 50mW 15dB 3.3µm/125µm/0.12 No Dia15*60mm
Single-mode Fiber Coupled Green Laser
FGSM-520-010-10-10-00-A 520nm 10mW / 3.5µm/125µm/0.13 No F8x28.4mm
FGSM-520-020-10-10-00-A 520nm 20mW / 3.5µm/125µm/0.13 No F8x28.4mm
FGSM-532-001-10-10-00-A 532nm 1mW / 3.5µm/125µm/0.13 No Dia15*60mm
FGSM-532-010-10-10-00-A 532nm 10mW / 3.5µm/125µm/0.13 No Dia15*60mm
FGSM-532-020-10-10-00-A 532nm 20mW / 3.5µm/125µm/0.13 No Dia15*60mm
FGSM-532-030-10-10-00-A 532nm 30mW / 3.5µm/125µm/0.13 No Dia15*60mm
FGSM-532-050-10-10-00-A 532nm 50mW / 3.5µm/125µm/0.13 No Dia15*60mm
Multi-Mode Fiber Coupled Green DPSS Laser
FGMM-532-100-10-10-00-A 532nm 100mW / 105µm/125µm/0.22 No Dia15*60mm
FGMM-532-200-10-10-00-A 532nm 200mW / 105µm/125µm/0.22 No Dia15*60mm
Polarization-Maintained Fiber Coupled Blue Laser
FBPM-488-025-01-10-00-A 488nm 25mW 15dB 3.3µm/125µm/0.12 No F8x28.4mm
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