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Photop is a recognized leader in the manufacture and supply of crystals, fiber optics, precision optics, and optical assemblies for applications including optical communication, industrial lasers, life science, instrumentation, and semiconductor production. With our global manufacturing footprint consisting of an advanced coating center in Santa Rosa, California, a quick turn service center in Florida, comprehensive manufacturing capabilities in Fuzhou, a dedicated telecom filter manufacturing facility in Guangzhou, and high volume manufacturing factory in Vietnam, Photop has extensive capability and capacity to support our customers from design to prototype, and all the way to mass production.

Photop strives to create value for our customers and our mission is to support our customers with quality products and value added solutions for the specific needs of every application.



Advanced Optics Business Unit

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In support of our products for different applications, Photop has invested a world class coating and metrology facility, which includes Vecco IBS, Leybold and Optorun IAD/EB, Internally-designed MS, and other domestic coating machine. Teamed with the coating engineers in Fuzhou, Guanghzou, Santa Rosa, and Florida, Photop can provide anti-reflective, high reflective, partial reflective, mirror, beam splitter, and filter coatings for applications including Telecom, Industrial Laser, Life Science and Instrumentation with wavelength range from deep UV to NIR.

Advanced Coating Center
Photop Advanced Coating Center (PACC) located in Santa Rosa, CA designs and manufactures high performance optical coatings for telecom, industrial, and life science applications. With the use of our advanced coating chambers, our state-of-art automated production facility, and our world class thin film design engineering team, Photop Advanced Coating Center can provide the coating solution you need.

  • Standard AR, HR, Mirror, PBS coating
  • Deep UV coating from 120nm
  • High reliability filter coating
  • High-end non-polarization beamsplitter (NPBS) coating
  • High energy laser optical coating for wavelength range of UV to NIR

IAD EB Coating
lon-assisted deposition (IAD) is the technique that while the film is being deposited, one beam of ions bombard the substrate. EB is the electron beam gun deposition technique. Compare to IBS and MS technologies, IAD/EB coating is less stress, low absorption and less dense, but is suitable for high volume production.

IBS Coating
Ion-beam sputtering (IBS) is a method that atoms of materials are bombarded and deposited on the substrate by impact of ions. The second ion source is used to bombard the substrate when the sputtered atoms are deposited on the substrate. IBS makes coating film very dense, very low pinholes, low absorption, increases the adhesion and humidity resistance of films, to make a reliable hard coating.

MS Coating
Start the essential components of Magnetron control sputtering (MS) is a cathode and an anode, between which an electric field is established that produces a specific power density. Similar to IBS, MS can make very good quality hard coatings, it was because the sputtered atoms has the energy of a few eV level even with no second source assisted. Photop Santa Rosa Coating Center is equipped with advanced MS coating machines.

Vertical Integration

Having served the industries for years with rich expertises on optical communications, optics, display and projection, and DPSS laser, and with proven and successful projects for leading players in the industries, Photop offers OEM and ODM solutions for optical communications components and function modules; customed optical parts, optical assemblies, and monolithic optical assemblies for display & projection, LED engine, and instrumentation; DPSS laser and assemblies for laser display, instrumentaion, and biotechnologies.

Photop develops and manufactures photonic crystal materials, optical parts, and micro optical parts which are key building blocks for optical communications’ passive & active components, laser, instrumentation, and display.

By vertically integrating Photop’s extensive design, engineering, and manufacturing capability in fiber optics, optical assembly, and optoelectronics with our expertise on photonic materials and optics, Photop not only provides standard products, but also OEM/ODM optical/electronic modules, subsystems, as well as contract manufacturing assemblies for Optical Communications, Micro Display & Projection, Laser Display, and Instrumentation.


With abundant skillful labor force and strong engineering and manufacturing teams, more than 50,000 square meter manufacturing facilities located in Fuzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, China, and class 100 and 1,000 clean room, Photop supplies worldwide customers with over tens of million quality parts and technical supports.

Photop’s manufacturing capability is enhanced with a rich portfolio of complex process technologies services, including on-going process improvement, SPC control, design for manufacturability, Manufacturing Traceability, and Quality Systems.

Our manufacturing capabilities include:

Optical Communications

  • Fiber Polishing
  • Optical Fiber Connectorization and Polishing
  • Fiber Alignment and Routing
  • Passive and Active Fiber Optic Functional Modules
  • Precision Mechanical Assembly
  • Hermetic Sealing
  • Laser Welding
  • TO-can and Butterfly Packaging
  • Optoelectronic Packaging

Display Optics

  • Glass to Metal Sealing (GTMS)
  • Ni/Cr/Au Plating
  • Cover Window for MEMS, CMOS, Sensor, LoCOS
  • Custom Projection Lenses, Prism, PBS Cube


  • Plano, Sphere, Polishing, Edging
  • Crystal Dicing, Polishing, and Coating
  • Optical Diffusion Bonding
  • Coating Service
  • Optical Assembly


New Product Introduction (NPI)

For our Vertically Integrated Solution strategy and better support to our customers, Photop Optics NPI team work closely together with our customers from design to prototype and volume production. Our NPI production line is equipped with most advanced processing equipment include MRF precision processing machine, large size Planetary Polishing stations, Photolithography processing and advanced metrology equipment, like large aperture ZYGO interferometers, AFM, and engineered performance setups.

Optics Assembly
Based on our strong Design and Package technologies by our NPI team, and utilizing our unique technology platforms of Optical Contact, Diffusion Bonding, and Seam Sealing, Photop specializes in high reliable opto-opto and opto-mechanical assemblies which enable a wide variety of integration for different instrumentation applications.

Magnetorheological Finishing (MRF®) provides the control of finishing processes and bottom line. This patented, deterministic process combines magneto-rheological fluid a unique, magnetically-sensitive (or “magnetorheological”) material – with sophisticated computer algorithms. It has the unique ability to improve figure and finish simultaneously. Flexible and fast, stable and accurate – MRF does it all. You’ll get predictable and precise results every time.
Photop MRF machine enhances our conventional polishing capabilities to achieve higher level products quality and repeatability with maximal product dimension of 500mm. The surface finish could achieve better than Lambda/50 and surface roughness better than 0.2 nm.

Test Center
Photop quality control and measurement processes play a very important role in the manufacture of our products. As a key to our commitment of Total Quality Management, Photop Test Center has a complete testing solution on specification and reliability to guarantee our product quality.
Our NPI engineering team also works closely with customer to develop the performance test for the specified products, which include but not limited to the Knife-edge Test, Scatterometer, Scan Lens performance test, and GDD test


Photop provides design and engineering solutions that are vertically integrated with our manufacturing, logistics, component, and functional module technologies to optimize customers’ engineering, proto-typing, rampup, and operations by competitive costs and reducing time to market.

Leveraging Photop’s extensive design and engineering capability from photonic materials to optical fabrication, micro optics to fiberoptics components and function optical modules, optical parts to optical assembly, display key components and laser, passive to active assemblies, Photop not only supplies diverse ranges of products to our customers, but also provides optimized design solutions to your product development, contract manufacturing, and technical transfer projects.

With our experienced and skillful teams, Photop provides:

  • Advanced Optical and Mechanical Design for Telecom, Industrial Laser and Life Science Optics
  • TO-can, Butterfly Packaging; and Seam Sealing for Laser, Transceiver, and EO Modules
  • Vertical Integration of Optics, Mechanics and Electronics
  • State-of-art Thin Film Coating capabilities with IAD, EB, IBS & MS Technologies
  • All-glass & Lead-free Soldering Packaging for Optical Components and Modules
  • Glass to Metal Sealing (GTMS)
  • Worldwide Quick Turn Service


Quality and Reliability

As an ISO 9001 certified company, stringent quality control and manufacturing process discipline are keys for Photop to provide products with high quality and reliability to our customers. Process tools, such as SPC (Statistics Process Control) and Process On-going Improvement are embeded in our production lines to provide products with consistent and improved quality.

Equipped with complete and advanced instruments, Photop quality team is well-trained in Six Sigma, ensuring continuious quality improvement on production, and strengthening customer partnerships by providing products with consistent and improved quality and services of the greatest value through innovation and excellence. The quality of our products and services is an essential part of our strategy, and the prime objective of our quality system is customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
OASAS 18001

Comprehensive Testing Process/Requirement 
Complete Testing Platform (Burn-in, Power, Noise, Beam Profile)
Experience in Reliability Test (Shock, TC, Storage, Vibration…)
Tooling Design & Automation Test 
Failure Analyses & SPC Data Collection

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